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Steve Barnes has always had a strong interest in Interior Design. He was Painting Manager for Smallbone of Devizes and set up Tones originally to work with Mark Wilkinson Furniture, painting kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms all over the UK.

Stefan Lyko joined him in 1983 and was made a partner in 1991 and gradually Tones focussed on the top end of the wallpaper market. Since then co-founder, Stefan, has become one of the best paperhangers in the UK.

Apprenticed in every type of paper, especially at the luxury end, where papers can cost a fortune, Stefan’s services are always in demand.

Hence we are recommended by many specialist wallpaper manufacturers both within the UK and around the world.

Over the years we have successfully trained several paperhangers who have acquired all of Stefan’s skills.
Our workforce is now four strong paperhangers, with Steve Barnes and Val Mitchell administrating.

In addition to our paperhanging services, we hand trim any wallpaper and wallcovering to order.
Tones became a limited company in May 2010.