For more than 20 years Steve, Stefan and their team at Tones have been amongst the rarefied few installers at the very top of the market. We can recommend them to work in any corner of the world, on any product with complete confidence that the job will be expertly executed and managed to our client’s total satisfaction.                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dominic Evans-Freke
Co-owner de Gournay

Having worked with Tones for many years, the best thing of all, is that once you know Tones are handling the project then you can stop worrying. You know you are in safe hands.

Tim Butcher
MD, Fromental

I have worked with Steve Barnes, Stefan Lyko and their team for many years now and have consistently received knowledgeable and conscientious service.

Steve, Stefan and their team are an asset to our job site dynamic and have completed many an unusual, technically challenging, and site challenging installation with patience and courtesy that reflect well on our firm, and on Tones itself.

Nicky Haslam
NH Design

The Richard Green Gallery has no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Tones Specialist Paperhangers for quality decoration projects, where the highest standards are demanded.

The Tones team have been involved in Richard Green Gallery projects for some twenty years.
Their work has been faultless; they have always been a pleasure to work with.

We have always found the Tones professional team extremely co-operative, in particular during the difficult stages of the conclusion of quality projects.

Where other trades are working, the difficulty of achieving a perfect finish can be challenging.

Lovely Tones.

John Green
Director, Richard Green Fine Paintings

There are very few first class professional paperhanging firms operating at the top end of this trade.
However, Tones is one of them, and indeed they sit at the pinnacle of that very small tree.

Anthony Evans
Ex MD, Cole & Son

Tones have a deserved reputation as one of the best specialist paperhangers in the country and are used by many of our customers; I am always happy to put their name forward when asked for a recommendation.

Andy Tolson
Director, Tatiana Tafur

Tones’ customer service and attention to detail go far beyond the expected. Friendly, reliable, accurate and attentive, the Tones team turn impossible situations into a pleasure – with a can-do attitude that is refreshing. High quality workmanship is their strongest trait, with friendliness coming a close second.

All in all, I have no misgivings in recommending them.

Daniel Kostiuc
MD, Intarya Ltd